We are very lucky to have Jen McKenzie a local Physiotherapist joining us to speak on Lymphoedma while going through Cancer. Jen will speak about –

– Manual Lymphatic Drainage
– Compression Garment ordering & fitting
Education on Skin Care & Self Lymphatic Drainage
– Exercise Programs – research now shows strength programs help in the treatment of Lymphoedema
– Exercise is also recommended during treatment for cancer to help aspects such as maintaining muscle mass, reducing nausea and improving energy levels
– Strength Programs are excellent for low bone mineral density from chemotherapy
– Hydrotherapy Classes ($15 per person) – being in water has the same effect as wearing compression but is also a great gentle way to exercise and socialise!
– Treatment for Chording (aka Axillary Web Syndrome)
– Treatment for Post Surgical Neck & Shoulder Pain & Stiffness
– Treatment for Post Surgical Scar Tissue Pain & Restriction

If you would like to join us please contact Debbie and book on 0409480250.

Thursday 23rd March  10am-midday

9 Ebony court, Buderim.

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