Look Beautiful, Feel Beautiful Mornings

Look Beautiful, Feel Beautiful Mornings

Look Beautiful, Feel Beautiful Mornings are for women going through cancer. This a free morning that provides useful information and tips specifically tailored to help women deal with the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment.

In a relaxed and friendly workshop environment, guided by experienced volunteers from Healing Art Therapies, you will learn how to care for your skin and apply make-up to help minimize the appearance related side-effects of your treatment.

Beautiful You mornings are a fun morning for you to forget about the outside world and meet other women going through the same journey as yourself. The best part of the mornings is you will get to meet life long friends. The mornings consist of learning how to apply make-up and learn about skin care – the morning is designed to empower you with practical tips and tricks to boost your self-esteem and confidence while undergoing treatment.

You will also be shown practical and creative ways to help you deal with impending hair loss – with the opportunity to try on wigs, headscarves and turbans to suit your needs.

The mornings are from 10am until midday on appointed days.

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