With your help, we can help women going through cancer by donating each week from $1

Beautiful You Cancer Chairty

Our aim is to keep the funds rolling in to support those that are going through cancer. You can automatically set up from your amount to come out each week.

No matter how much you choose to give, your donation to Beautiful You will make an impact. Your contribution allows you to become part of the solution to helping women going through the Challenge  of Cancer.. You can help improve, transform,  for just dollars per paycheck.

Your $1 per week supports all the services we provide including :

  • food wish cards.
  • house cleaning,
  • therapeutic treatments,massage, facials,
  • make a wish
  • craft mornings
  • wigs
  • hats and scarves
  • makeup mornings
  • art classes
  • jewelry making classes
  • counselling
  • oncology massage
  • ironing
  • prosthesis
  • family photo shoots

If we can start with 1000 people donating a $1 week that money will benefit so many women.  To be able to take the burden off these women financially so they don’t miss out on the every day incidentals as well as some special treats will be a great help and very much appreciated.


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